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Beer dispenser: Made for serving beer

Finally there is an accessory bars can use to provide drinks to a large number of customers. A bar relies on his manpower to cater to the needs of its customers. And the waiters that form the manpower of a bar have to run from one table to another and from counter to tables to take orders and serve drinks.It is learnt that traditional way of serving drinks has many flaws. For instance there are chances of drinks getting spilled, while drinks are filled in jugs and rushed to the tables. But the greatest drawback of serving drinks manually is the pressure it puts on waiters. Customers are made to wait for long time as waiters need time to take jugs full of drinks to the tables. But a beer dispenser can change the way drinks are served… Read More

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Beer tower: Accessory for Beer Bars

If you are worried about decreasing sales of alcoholic beverage in your facility then you should introduce new varieties to attract customers and also you should change the way beverage is served in your facility. Stop your waiters from serving beverage in glasses. Provide them accessories with which they can serve drinks to more guests… more

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Beer promotion: An idea for Promoting New Beverages

Take your drink to your customers and offer them drinks to sample. It is the only way to promote a new drink in the market. You can place a table and personalize it with marketing material telling about your drink. Also keep the beverage in a tube made for serving drink.

The tube would reveal the drink, its color and flavor without letting the drink come into contact with outside temperature. People passing by your marketing table would see the drink and those, who drink alcoholic beverage would come to your table in inquire about the new drink. This is the time, when you can make a drink for your customers. They would savor the beverage and give feedback on the taste and quality of the drink. In this way, you can market your beverage. It is the right way of beer promotion.

Beer promotion with beer dispenser should be a hassle free affair. You shouldn’t need rushing towards your...

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Cerveza de barril: Think of a New Way to Improve your Beer Business

Take your beer business to next level by changing the way you serve drinks to your guests. Equip your waiters with accessories that can help them do more work in a hassle free manner. Your business is to serve drinks and if you are able to serve drinks to a large number of customers then you would be able to make good profit….read more

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Beer promotion: Learn new way to promote your drink

Offer beverage to the people whom you want to make your customers. They would drink your beverage and in this way come to know about the new product. If they like it, they would certainly want to drink more. They would give you instant feedback after consuming the drinks.This is only way, one can rely on for beer promotion. Go to public, showcase your product, provide free sample and make customers. The drink should be visible as the customers would first like to see the color of the drink. Offer the drink in a transparent container and let them take out drinks from the container…. Read More

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Maquina cerveza: How this accessory can help in serving drinks?

Serve beer chilled and serve it in an elegant way to increase your profit. When you have customers at your facility, serve them drinks in tubes. Place a 3 liter tube on a table and let the customer take drink from the tube on his own. He would take some time in finishing 3 liters of beverage and you would get some time to attend to other customers…. read more

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Beer tower: Increase your Beer Business with the Help of Beer Towers

Serving alcoholic beverage is a brisk business as it is a popular drink. People want to drink this beverage, when they are in mood to relax. They drink beer, when playing video games, watching movies, reading books and even when they are alone…read more

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Beer tower: Serve Beer in a Hassle Free Manner

If serving beer is a hassle and you want to make it a hassle free affair then you should take advantage of a dispenser made and designed for serving beverages. You can buy it as it is an affordable accessory and also you can customize it to suit to your needs.

First buy a piece of beer tower and introduce it to your bar. Serve your customers drinks in this accessory and see their response. This product can store 3 liters of drink and you can add a chill stick or ice cubes to the drink to keep the beverage cool. Place it on the table and let the customer enjoy the drinks on his own. If the customer wants more, refill the accessory to serve more.

You would certainly find the accessory useful as it has been accepted by bars and pubs. It helps serve drinks to a large number of customers and it helps in serving the drinks in a hassle free manner.

Your beer tower is a plastic product. It...

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Maquina cerveza: An Accessory that Can Increase Your Beer Business in a Hassle Free Manner

If you are considering opening a beer bar and you want to give your customers a unique experience then you should serve the drink in a unique manner. The customers should feel happy and also your waiters should get some time to relax only then they would be able to provide satisfactory service……read more

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Tabletop beer dispenser: A Tool in the Hands of Beer Waiters

There is an accessory that can take serving drinks to next level; bring more business for pars and give customers a unique experience. This accessory is plastic product that has no machine or mechanics. It is like a jar or bottle but it is different from regular bottles and jars used at homes….read more

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