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Tirador de cerveza: Take Your Beer Business to Next Level

Beer bars often face a problem. They can serve drinks to a certain number of customers and if this number exceeds they find it difficult to cater to the needs of their customers. In other words, a bar can function earn a specific amount by functioning at its optimum more

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Beer Dispenser: An Ideal Accessory for Serving Drinks

If serving beer is your business and you want to take it to next level then you need improving your service quality. In addition to using quality beverage, you have to find new ways of serving drinks. Here you can advantage of a drink tower that can make it easy for you to serve drinks and also that can help your customers enjoy their drinks….read more

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Tirador de cerveza: A Device for Serving Beer

It is difficult to serve beer to a number of customers, if you are serving the drink in the tradition way that is placing glassful of drinks on the tables and then replacing empty glasses with more drinks, if the customers demand more. It is a hassle to serve drinks in glasses and there are chances that customers might cancel their orders, if they are made to wait for long time.

A waiter needs some time to fill a glass with drink and rush to a table. Serving drinks in glasses is a time consuming and tedious job but now there is no need to serve beverage in glasses as you have tirador de cerveza to serve drinks. This accessory can contain 3 liters of beverage and also it can keep it cool with the help of ice cubes and chill sticks.

The Tirador de cerveza is designed for serving beverage. When a customer orders drink, he is provided a drink tower and he is allowed to pour drinks from...

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How the Usage of Beer Towers Made Party Hosting Like a Child’s Play

Though hosting a big party solely, is not as much easy as we generally think. Nevertheless, I love hosting the parties, either they are small or big one. However, earlier it was not the case. I love parties, but when it came to host the parties; I generally used to avoid them. The main reason behind it was, managing the guests….read more

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Some Accessories, One Must Add into his Kitchen and Dining Room

Beautifying the looks of the kitchen is a dream for everybody; nevertheless, there are capable enough to change the looks of their kitchen completely. Though, there could be many things which we could think of buying, and it would need lots of money to do so. But, if I advise you to buy only a few most imperative accessories which can enhance the looks of your kitchen and likewise, would not place a burden in your pocket,then I do not think that you are going to dislike it….read more

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Beer Promotion – Look for the Best Option!

There are a number of marketing techniques you can make use of when it comes to beer promotion. However, only few of them can offer you good and best possible results. Presently, you can find a number of companies competing in the same product range normally have matching products. The only thing that can make a company better than other is only marketing techniques. There is no doubt that you can move ahead in the competition and promote your beer brand with the help of some specific marketing techniques. You should consider choosing an innovative marketing technique in order to reach out to a maximum crowd and ensure that your beer brand’s name is becoming well-known to the people….read more

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Beer Tower – Go for The Best!

Even though, market is now full of different kinds of beer dispensing systems but you should consider choosing beer tower among all. Towers are considered as the best system when it comes to beer dispensing. You can easily find a range of options in these towers, these days. Towers are now easily available in the market in several sizes, designs as well as shapes. Therefore, you are having a number of choices to go with as per your choice and preference. Though, offering bottled beer to customers is also another alternative to eliminate wastage but it is an expensive option…read more

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Beer Dispenser Tower: How it Can Help a Bar?

A bar can make more profit, if it is able to serve drinks to more people. If it is able to attend more guests then it can see good increase in its profit. What should it do for increasing its profit? Should it hire more sales staff and place more tables?

The bar needs a device to serve drinks. It needs a beer dispenser tower. As the name suggests, the device can be used for serving drinks. It is can be placed on a table for the customers, who can draw drink from the device. In this way, the bar can improve its efficiency without increasing its workforce or making the existing workers do more work.

A waiter takes an order and brings the dispenser and empty glasses for the customers. He places the dispenser and the glasses on the table and rushes to another customer. This device can store 3 liters of drinks and also keep the drink cool.

The Beer dispenser tower can be used again and...

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Dispensador de cerveza: Sales Tool for Bars

Discerning customers refuse to wait for the drinks to come to their tables. They want the orders to be completed in a hassle free and elegant manner. It is for this reason that bartenders or waiters have to work hard. They have to rush with glasses full of beer to customers. Bars should take advantage of dispensador de cerveza. It is a device that can store 3 liters of drink and also keep it cool for long time. It is a simple and efficient tool that needs no electricity or battery power to operate. It is portable hence can be carried anywhere….read more

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Tabletop Beer Dispenser: Accessory for Beer Bar Businesses

Is your beer bar business running successfully? Do you know you can help your waiters and bartenders in serving beverage? Use a portable dispenser that they can carry in hands in a hassle free manner. This accessory can store 3 liters of beverages at a time and also it can keep the drink cool. Isn’t it a nice accessory for your beer bar business….read more

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